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A beer festival celebrate with a great enthusiasm specially in youngest person. It’s an event at which a variety if beers are available for purchase. There may be a theme for instance beers from a particular area or a particular brewing style such as winter ales.

Beer festival : names of countries which celebrates beer festival with a great joy 

Asia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tbilisi Georgia, China , India (Mumbai), Germany, UK , Canada , America, Brazil, Argentina.

Country that has biggest beer festival…..

International Beer festival is one of the biggest beer festival in China 

Beer festival

Beer festival

The Great India Beer Fest will rampage from July 8 to July 9, at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, where a cavalry of your favourite microbreweries from Gurgaon will be bringing their best brews as reinforcement. And when we say “cavalry,” we mean there will be breweries pouring beer as far as the eye can see. If you’re farsighted, that probably doesn’t seem too far, but we’ll take the organiser’s promise to raise the bar by bringing “hundreds of real ales, craft beers by renowned microbreweries in Delhi NCR, and real ciders under one roof together.”

And if the beers don’t wreck you, there’s plenty of drinking games, greasy pub grub, and beer tasting sessions to maximise the your drinking pleasure. Basically, the two-day long boozey festival will ensure it helps that everyone has an elevated blood alcohol level in July, where the primal challenge will be to see if you can handle your alcohol better than anyone else in the wild.

Getting through the marathon that is the Great India Beer Festival is gonna take more stamina than the Betty Rockerthat was your downfall of your summer hook-up experience. Keep our hangover guide handy.

Beer festival

Beer festival

For the first time ever the renowned music phenomenon know simply as Dwayne Gretzky will be headlining TFOB 2018. Like Holi, Diwali and other joy able festivals, festival of beer is also an enjoyable and relaxing festival. Countries like Asia, UK, china..  celebrate the festival of beer as an annual festival. As beer is a sign of relaxation , you have to enjoy this festival.

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