What are the anti aging foods?

Anti aging

Wrinkles on my face… Oh my God!!! What I do ? What beauty products best for it??? Is beauty products really work against anti aging!!!! Oh God please make my face free from wrinkles” These all are the words of women and even a men. What products I use for it. But guys th frese products are  not work completely. So what to do. You should eat anti aging foods. Yes, anti aging foods…

Best anti aging foods

Eat right, look younger it’s as simple as that. Here are the anti aging food that may help to erase wrinkles and help you to look younger.

  • Pomegranate :-  pomegranate  is best food for that because it contains  vitamin C. Vitamin C rich pomegranate is best guard That fight against wrinkles  and also makes skin soften.
Anti aging

Anti aging

How to take pomegranate

Take one cup of pomegranate seeds with juice. Try it once in a week.

  • Blueberry :-  blueberry’s  blue colour contain more anti  oxidants than any other food.   It’s also help to protect skin against damaging free radicals

How to take blueberry

Anti aging

Anti aging

Take one half  cup. Of blueberry every month.

  • Kale and Spinach:-  It’s vital veggies contains special phytonutrients  , or anti oxidants compounds help guard against damaging. It’s also contain beta carote and lutein two nutrients that have been shown to improve skin elasticity 

How to take kale and spinach

Anti agingAnti aging

Take 3 cups of either kale or spinach or either the combination of both in every

So guys these are the best solution to fight them.

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