What I should do to impress a girl?

Want to impress girl!!! Are you really want to impress your crush ? Don’t worry dear, In this blog you get all tricks to impress a girl. So, guys be ready because your crush will be soon become your lover/ beloved.

Things that you should have to do to impress girl. 

There are many ideas , some tricks to impress girl but in reality these ideas as not as good work. 2 out of 10 girl , impressfrom these ideas and trick because these are too old.

But here are the new ideas to impress a girl.

Impress girl

What I do to impress a girl

Guys firstly try to know about her past and family. This is the best way to get closer to her but in mental way not in physical way. And this make easy love path for you. If she had a past and she definitely has an impact on her present life , she get hurt from her past then you get chance to show her your feeling but in sensitive way.

Start talking with her as a friend not as a lover in beginning…Ok And try to make her feeling as you only want her smiling face. This trick 100% effect on her and she will start like you company.

One more thing , when she like your company…After 2-3 days get away from her , don’t see your face to her…Now a question arise on your mind WHY??. Because when she likes your company she will want to talk with you and if she didn’t find you from 2-3 days. and after 2-3 days, when you go in front of her ,and if she will be Happy to see you. Then you should be understand that she really likes you.

But this is not a good time to propose her. It’s time to make friendship deeper until her feeling changes into love. Make her feel special , take part in her all kind of happiness and difficulties. You definitely impress girl.


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