Naughty girls attitude quotes

Get top most naughty girls attitude quotes for WhatsApp , Facebook, Instagram and other social sites. Most of all , girls are very cute but Modern girls are the mixture of cuteness and naughty. Here are the collection of naughty girls attitude quotes from world wide web….#naughty quotes.

Naughty girls attitude quotes


I am the type of girl that put on her better outfit, better smile, better thinking and better attitude and show him what he left behind….


Some time you need to fight back not just to save yourself ….Just for entertainment

Naughty girls attitude quotes

Nuaghty attitude

Ishq ki mujhese banti nahi. Ishq chahta ha ghulami. Or main bachpan seehi nawabzadi hon….


People say I have a bad attitude… But they don’t know They carry bad attitude, I just carry naughty attitude…


suno logo… If you don’t care … Chlo fir same here.

Naughty girls attitude quotes

Naughty attitude

Mujhe smjny k liye apka smjhdaar hona bohat zaroru Hai..


sunno MMA…Log payar me pagal hote Hai lekin hum attitude me pagal Hai


agar psand na aae humare saath .. to bta Dena . Hum tuhmare hi khushi ke liye tum ko goli maar dege


Sweet se sugar . Hard se ice. If you hurt me once.. I kill you twice.

Naughty girls attitude quotes

Naughty attitude

Agar koi hame acha lagta Hai to acha would nahi hum hain. Or agar koi hame bura lagta Hai to bura wohi Hai q ki hum to ache Hain naa…


Twinkle twinkle Little Star. You should know  what you are!. And once you know  what you are? Mental hospital is not so far…


Dont campare yourself with me. You are unable to compete me…


Naughty girls attitude quotes

Naughty attitude

Maut bhi humse do kadam piche chlti Hai, usko bhi pata Hai ki hum apne marzi se jeete Hai…

Dekh lakare muskurana har lakri ki adda Hai or Jo isse payar samajle Jo sabse badra gadha Hai..


I am not born for you my dear crush.. I am born for attitude..Just attitude.


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