world’s largest lithium ion battery in Australia

Testla – now invented world’s largest lithium ion battery in Australia. The CEO of Tesla company Elon Musk talk about the development of world’s largest lithium ion battery Adelaide, Australia, Friday July,7.

World's largest lithium ion battery

World’s largest lithium ion battery

In order to build world’s largest lithium ion battery, Tesla signed an a historic agreement with French Energy Company Neoen .  Elon Musk announced this to the  whole world. And now everyone was waiting for the world’s largest lithium ion battery…..which is going to build by Tesla company.

CEO , Elon Musk, also said that the world’s largest lithium ion battery will be installed before December 2017. If this  system will not operated within 100 days, then it calls for free infrastructure.

And Tesla, CEO, ELON MUSK Promised back in March that his electric car company, which also own solar energy provider solar city, could help the state of South Australia with it’s routin weather -caused  blackout issue. At that time,Musk said Tesla was so serious about the endeavor,he wrote on Twitter that the project could be completed within 100 days of a signed deal or it’d come free of charge.

World's largest lithium ionWorld's largest lithium ion

Now Tesla is getting the opportunity to make  good on that promise, as the company won the government of South Australia’s bid to build what would be the world’s largest lithium ion battery.

Tesla beat out 91 international bidders for the project — perhaps because of Musk’s clout (and proven track record) and his audacious claim to waive the installation fee — to supply South Australia with a 100-megawatt lithium-ion energy storage solution. It would be the largest lithium-ion battery system ever made, and it appears to involve a substantial scaling up of Tesla’s current commercial Powerpack system first unveiled back in 2015.
This will be the highest power battery system in the world by a factor of 3. Australia rocks!! https://t.co/c1DD7xtC90
— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 7, 2017
World's largest lithium ion

World’s largest lithium ion


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