Waste material decoration

Today, we are going to decorate our room or hall or a party room with waste materials – waste material decoration. Dear guys, don’t throw the waste material outside the home or in a dustbin because you can’t imagine that how  these materials can decorate your room.

Waste material decoration

A room with waste material decoration

Firstly plastic bottles used every day and we throw these bottles into a dustbin. If I say that these plastic bottles make your room attractive…..Yes this is one of the waste material decoration.

You can make a lamp shades, Plant pots or a magazine rack and  a creating a vertical garden , even a pen stand. But dear guys, make sure that the colour you give to these plastic bottles is well coated so that it will suit  with your room and not look too tacky.

Waste material decoration

Waste material decoration

Also if you have wasted paper disposal plate then you easily make a basket of it. Firstly cut the ptale from two sides and then float it. Now, tape the sides and fill it with snaks. An attractive for  kitchen is ready

A big problem is that How to convert an old photo frame into a new look? 

So guys, let have a fun with old photo frame. As everyone has his own memories with someone…. If you attach these memories with in old photo frame, it look more attractive. Ladies also hang their jewelry in these photos frames. So that it give a complete look to your wardrobe.

Waste material decoration

Waste material decoration


Decorate the wall of your room with cracked ​plate

We always think that what to do with these cracked plate….. Don’t worry guys , you also decorate your room with these cracked plate. These plate give an attractive look to your wardrobe or room. Plates are the great Wall art and it’s cracks make an additional whimsical element to them .

These are some waste material decoration of room and each and every thing is easily available at home but in the dustbin. If these things make your home more beautiful n attractive…… I hope you understand the values of waste material in home decor.

Waste material decorationWaste material decoration

If you like these ideas then share these ideas with your near and dear so that waste materials ​are used and recycle .




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