Drug addiction

Firstly we should know about drugs and it’s type. A drug is that chemical Which is usually taken for the treatment of some mental disorders like depression, insomnia etc. on the advice of some physician and is withdrawn as soon as desired effect is achieved.

Today’s​ generation is drug addicts generation


As everyone knows that we easily adopt bad habits. And the habitual non-medical use of certain drugs​ forms a habit and one becomes a drug dependent. This is called drug dependency or drug addiction or drug abuse.

Such drugs in the their high concentration and frequent use act on brain and change the behavior, consciousness and power of perception of an individual and are called mood atlering or psychoactive drugs.

In maximum case, the addicted person don’t​ know about his situation because someone has given him drugs….

Drugs which influence the nerves system is known as Neurological drugs. As we know that everything that happens has a some specific reason like that drugs are used only to treat a person with mental disorders not as a diet . But when someone start it to take as a diet then excess of everything is bad.


On the basis of their mode of action on brain , they are of following types:-

  • Sedative and Tranquilliser:-

Sedative give a feeling of calmness, relaxation or drowsiness in the body. Their high doses induce sleep. Tranquillisers slow down the higher centers of brain and relieve from worries but don’t effect the working efficiency.

Some examples of this drug are: Benzodiazephines(Valium, Equanil, Librium, Alprazolam, Reserpine, Luminil, Campose) or Barbiturates (Synthety sedative from Barbiturates acid and called Sleeping pills )

  • Opiate Narcotics or Opiods:-

These act as depression and analgesic so are commonly called pain killers.  These bind to their specific opioid receptors present in the central nervous system (CNS) and gastrointestinal tract. Opiates lessen pain , reduce tension and anxiety, lower blood pressure and respiration rate , induce drowsiness, constrict the pupil and reduce visual activity.


An overdose of opiates may cause acute intoxication which is characterized by apathy (without feeling), bradycardia ( slow rate of heart contraction resulting in a slow pulse rate ) , hypotension, pin point pupils ( mydriasis ), delayed reflexes. In serval case , it may block respirayand cause death.

  • Stimulants:-

These increase the activity of Central Nervous system so act mood elevators. They induce excitement, improve self-confidence and increase alterness. Acute intoxication is characterized by pupillary distance, a sense of euphoria, tachycardia, hypertension, sweating , vomiting etc.  Stimulants include:

Caffeine, Amphetamine, cocaine

  • Hallucinogens:-

They are the drugs that change thoughts., feeling, and perpception of an individual. The users claim unusual human experiences such as ‘hearing a smell’ , ‘ smelling a colour’, ‘ floating in air’, ‘ jumping from running train’ etc. They are also called psychedelic drugs because they have strong effect on the cerebrum and sense organs. Examples:

LSD( Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) and Hemp Plant.

All these are types and by reading and knowing this drug. I think you imagine the condition or situation of a drug addict. So guys, I request you to take an action against drugs abuse.

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