Story of brave Little Princess – 2nd part

Brave girl

The first part of the brave Little Princess story is discuss in the below link

The brave Little Princess

Now let us know about another part of the brave Little Princess story…

So she lived in solitude all the daytime, and at night she would have been frightened . Had she not been so brave but every day the crow came and thanked her for her endurance, and assured her that sufferings were far less than they had been.

And so two years passed away , when one day the crow came to the Princess and said:

“In anthor years I shall be freed from the spell I am under at present, because then the seven years will be over. But before I can resume my natural form , and take possession of the belongings of my forefathers, you must go out into the world as maidservant.”

The young princess consented at once , and for a whole year she served as a maid. But in spite of her youth and Beauty she was very badly treated, and suffered many things. One evening, when she spinning flax, and had worked her little hands weary , she heard a rustling besides her and cry of joy. Then she saw a handsome  youth standing beside her who knelt down at her feet and kissed the little weary hands.

” I am the Prince,” he said ,” who you in your goodness, when I was wandering about in the shape of a crow, freed from the most awful torments. Come now to my castle with me, and let us live there happily together.”¬†

At first, the Princess was afraid; such terrible sights had she seen at that place , for the prince’s sake. Besides, it was such a ruin, how could they possibly live in just that one room with it’s narrow golden bed?

But the Prince insisted gently and the Princess, who did love him so much, at last consented.

So they went to the castle where they had both endured so much. But when they reached it, it was difficult to believe that it was the same , for it had all been rebuilt and done up again. And there they lived for a hundred years, a hundred years of joy and happiness.

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