Treatment of cancer

Hello everyone, in today’s world cancer is most dangerous disease. Treatment of cancer is very very important if we want to save a life. Cancer disease may effect anybody at any age.

Treatment of cancer

Treatment of cancer

Treating cancer is difficult because it is not a single disease and because all the cells in a single tumor don’t behave in the same manner. Cancer can be control in the earlier stage. It’s controlled depends upon the locations and spread of the cancer. So the key to cancer treatment is early detection. The therapeutic strategies very, depending on the etiology of each individual cancer.

Methods how to treat a cancer


It involve the removal of cancerous parts by operative methods. Tumors are excised by surgical methods. But it doesn’t make sure that all cancer cells have been removed. All tumour are not accessible for surgery also. In breast tumor or uterine tumors, it is most effective but other treatments are also given to kill any cells that may have been left.

Radiation Therapy:-

Treatment of cancer

In this , cancerous parts of the body are exposed to ionizing radaitation like X-RAY, which kill the cancerous cells. It gives good results in the skin,lips,mouth and cervix cancers. Radiation Therapy is used in 80% of cancer patients. The basic principles here is to be bombard the cancer cells with rays that damage or destory the cancer cells but produce minimum damage to the surrounding Normal tissue. However, it also causes damage to tissues in the vicinity of tumour mass

Treatment of cancer


Treatment of cancer

In chemotherapy, a variety of anti-cancer drugs are used that produce more injury to cancer cells than a normal cell division and growth and affect both normal and cancerous cells. Some drugs can specifically kill tumour cells. Majority of them have a number of side – effects. Chemotherapy may lead to hair loss or anaemia but both get corrected after the treatment is stopped.

Hormonal Therapy:-

In this , a hormone caused cancer is treated by another hormone which neutralizes carcinogenic hormones. For example,breast cancer can controlled by testosterone.


Treatment of cancer

This is a recent approach to cancer treatment. This involves strengthening of nature anti-cancer immunological defense mechanism. For example: in radioimmunotherapy, radioisotope linked monoclonal antibodies are used for the treatment of cancer. Gamma interferons are used as biological response modifiers which, when given stimulate the immune system and help in destroying the tumour.

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