Girl – modern girl vs traditional girl. What are the similiarity and differences between modern and traditional girl?

Modern Girl vs traditional girl

Hello friend, in my previous blog you would be able to know about girl’s problems but here in this blog you will be able to know about the similarities and differences between modern girl and traditional girl. Which one is perfect among these?

Girl- Modern girl vs Traditional girl.



First of all, Is anyone tell me the difference between the modern girl and a traditional girl? Who is perfect- Traditional girl or Modern Girl

………………………….Don’t know!!!

Don’t worry , in this blog you will able to know about the difference between a modern girl and a traditional girl.

A traditional girl is always respect to her religious and have faith about her religious but the negative thing is that she believes in superstitious…..And sometimes it may lead to the some unwanted situation.

On the other hand, modern girl also respect her religious but she can’t believe in superstitious . That’s great…….But sometimes what happened…….She give disrespect to the pilgrims …….That’s wrong.

So, nobody is perfect nither a Modern Girl not a traditional girl.

Modern Girl vs traditional girl

Modern girl has ability to fight against the world and break their limitations and do something extraordinary

On the other hand traditional girl also have ¬†the same quality as modern girl has……

So both is perfect at their places….

Now the question becomes more complicated…..Which one is perfect?

To find the answer of this question I was done a survey.

I went to my friends and asked them the same question, firstly they laughed and then they think but again the question is complicated one say modern girl is perfect and another say traditional is prefect.

Modern Girl vs traditional girl

Then I went to my guidance and he solved this question….

Finally I got the answer. You also want the answer …….

So finally answer is both are perfect , both has their own individuality…

He told me that neither a Modern Girl play a role of traditional girl not a traditional girl play a role of Modern Girl.

Modern Girl vs traditional girl

Atlast, everyone is perfect , everything has some good qualities and some bad qualities.


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