Look smart is the key to succeed in life. How to show that I am ready for job?

Hello friends, in this blog I am going to telling you about your personality . How you look smart ? So that each and everyone should respect you. Scientist prove that Look smart is the key to succeed in life.

How to look smarter and smarter than others:-

First of all , here are some points for you to look smarter than other:-

  • Hair style :  It’s very important that how’s your hair look! Boy’s hair should not be long as girl’s hair . Best hairstyle for the boys :.          
  1. Sleek shadow coloured Hairdo
  2. Man bun is ready for Business
  3. High projections
  4. Golden Brown with Neat clipped side
  5. sleek copper coloured look.

Boy's hairstyle to look smart

If your hairstyle is one from the above hairstyle then you will look smarter than other.

  • Talking sense : I don’t know how you speak and in what manner…. But when a smart boy speak he doesn’t speak too , he speak less but his bobylanguage speak…..

Smart boy how to speak

So speak when you have to speak . Avoid over speaking . And remember whenever you speak your hand moment also in action.

The combination of speaking and bobylanguage is best to look smarter .

  • Dressing sense : we can say that the backbone to look smart is your dressing sense. All your personality depends​ upon your dressing sense. 

Dressing sense for smart boy

  1. Try to wear formal dresses.
  2. Your dress should be well neat and we’ll iron.
  3. Try to wear shoe instead of sleepers and normal wear.
  4. A watch should be on your wrist.
  5. No smell comes out from your shoe or from your dress.
  • Moustache and Beard : Bread should be as small as you maintain.  Your face will be look smart when you have clean shave.

If you want to look smart then you should look physically active and fit.

Smart boy

All these make you look smart and you get eaisly get success in your life.

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