Daily life problems of modern Girl. Scarification of a modern Girl.

Hello friends, here you are going to know about the daily life problems of modern girl.Scarification of a Modern Girl.

It’s very easy to say that a modern girl  have all enjoyment of her life. But noboby actually want to know about her life life problems. No one can feel her pain except her mother . Like a normal man, modern girl also face some difficulties.

Problems of Modern Girl

Scarification and problems of modern girl

Firstly I am going to express  the feelings​ of a Modern Girl.

As everyone know that… to understand the feelings of a girl is not easy but her simple feeling is only one that is….. everyone should respect her.

Problems of modern Girl

A Modern Girl only want her respect.


The answer is that , she handle our life, our house , our most important things and her business too . She handle the whole world of our life. Without her our life is question mark
Problems of modern GirlThat’s why we give her respect but that’s our unfortunate……We not give her respect as she deserves.


So guys start to give her  respect by the depth of your heart because she make your life….She makes U.

What she scarifice for you?

  • She leave her home only for her husband. But her husband doesn’t give her right.
  • She ruin her career….. why? Her family or her husband is not happy with her career..
  • She stop talking with her friends or with her classmates  only because her husband doesn’t like it
  • She always forced to sit at home
  • For any fault, she has to blamed , why?
  • In case she love someone​ else but she will forced to leave him why? Her family is not satisfied.

Problems of modern Girl

Guys what’s that all……!!!

All are the stupid reasons for her scarfing…… all are rubbish….. But still she scarifice for the sake of her family happiness.

Why her family don’t sacrifice for her happiness?


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