Mother day- Why we celebrated mother day

Hello friends, everyone celebrate Mother day every year . But the question is why we celebrated Mother day…….   What is the history behind Mother day…….Are you think about Mother day- history of mother day.

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Here in this blog you get complete knowledge about why we celebrate Mother day.

Greek and Romans was the first who celebrated Mother day in the acient era.

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Listen guys everyone love her mother. I think there is a stupid or nonsense person who doesn’t love her mother . Even a mental guy also love her mother so why not we……..??

There is only a one person in whole world who give her whole life to us and she is mother….

Most of all a most beautiful and blessed person in whole world is mother.

When we are in difficulties only mother can understand our situation only she can filled us with position thinking and she always says” I am here…… I am with you always”

She motivated her and she has capabilities that’s​ why she is considered next to the God.

Listen guys just think What ours mom do or did for us??

Mother day quote


The answer is everything she did or do for us…… I have simple story that a small boy asked her mother that what you give me at my 18 birthday?

And his mom say When will you  become 18 year old you will know…..

Now the becomes 18 year old and then he has a whole in his heart and the doctor said that the boy’s heart should be replaced otherwise he die……

And after some time boy was all well and he said to the doctor where is my mom……?

Then doctor gave him a letter . He read this letter and start crying very loudly……

Now you think Why he start crying?? Because that letter was written by his mom and she wrote that

” You asked me a question…… What I gave you at your 18 birthday……And your are 18 year old and I give you my heart…… I am always live inside you and keep me happy for your lifetime……..”

So guys this is the reason why we celebrated mother day  because she did or do everything for us and she has capabilities that she can do……how that you don’t know. That only know your mother..

Mother day quote

Hence I hope you all make your mother day as the remember able day for your mom

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