Know about the World’s expensive clothing brands 2017

Hello friends,are you know about expensive clothing brands ……..

expensive clothing brand

If no then don’t worry, in this blog you will know about the expensive clothing brands of the world……

First of all , I am going to familiarize about clothing……. I know you are laughing at me because you know about clothing. So forget it just think about expensive clothing brands

I am simply tell you about expensive clothing brands because today people are crazy and panic about their dressing sense . They want to wear some dashing and some thing cool .

Also they want to wear some high brand cloth for looking awesome, beautiful, fashionable and so on.

Here I am going to tell you about top 5 expensive clothing brands

5) Armani :-


Armani is the well known brand in the world. Also it is the most expensive clothing brand across the globe.

The huge range of this brand is starting from perfumes and ending on the clothing.

Armani’s clothes designs are further recommended by the authorized fashion designer and boutique shops.

In great season variation , Armani’s clothes are best to adopt.

2) D&G(Dolce and Gabbana)


D&G brand is commonly known as Dolce and Gabbana .

In 2013 , D&G is the most expensive clothing brand. D&G is the Italian most famous and desirable dressing brand.

Also famous in the Italian culture.This brand is outstanding and need no words to describe the popularity and grace.

D&G products are equally like by men,women and it’s products are sold in large no. all over the world.

3) Parada


Parada is also an Italian brand and it’s trendy clothes attract a large number of young fashion lovers.

The products of this brand are expensive clothing products in the world. Also have a good name in the perfume market.

Particularly known for its designs being simple , distinguished and comfortable.

2) Chanel


Chanel brand is one of the most expensive and famous brand in the world that are going a huge demand.

This brand have a stylist and Rich Designs that enable you to choose between great varities.

Channel brand has a uniqueness of the clothing brands that  lies in the fact  that this brand doesn’t copy other styles and thus maintain it’s own existence.

This brand is famouse and most popular for the young fashion lovers.

The number 1 expensive clothing brand is:

1) Gucci


Finally you know the world’s toppest expensive clothing brand.

Gucci is the toppest expensive clothing brand all over the world. The expensiveness and overall quality made it famouse.

Items of this brand is always stylist and luxurious.

Gucci has many rivals but still it hold it’s top position.

This brand include almost all  men and women wearing,ties,hand bags,skirts,shoes and luggage.


I hope you like this blog…….Plz comment if you like or not



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