Hello friends, give me the answer of one question….Had you ever heard about Baisakhi festival?

The answer is yes ….Every person know about Baisakhi or we can say that vaisakhi festival. But,do you know about the history of Baisakhi festival? Have you think about it….?

If no….

Then don’t worry ….

Here i give you complete knowledge about the history and story of Baisakhi festival.

Baisakhi Festival:

Vaisakhi Festival or Baisakhi Festival is celebrated as the Sikh New Year.

Consequently  Baiskhi Festival is the foundation of the Kalsa Panth. The story of Baiskhi Festival start with the death that is imposed because of Guru TegBahadur(the ninth Sikh Guru) adherence of a religious faith who was publicly beheaded by the Aurungzeb , the Mughal ruler.

Aurungzeb wanted to spread Islam in whole India. But , Guru Teg Bahadur stood up for the right of Hindu, Sikh and Mughal religious.
After the death of Guru Teg Bahadur, his son, Guru Gobind Singh become the next Guru of the sikhs. Guru Gobind Singh wanted to install courage and strength of sacrifice among fellow men. To fulfill this dream , Guru Gobind Singh ji called on the histone Baisakhisahib near Anandpur on March 30,1699.

When thousands of people assembled for Guru’s blessing,Guru Gobind Singh came out of the tent carrying an uncovered sword. He gave a powerful fellow fellow men, at the his speech , he said that every great deed was preceded by equally great scarifice and demanded that anyone prepared to give his life come forward. On the Guru’s third call , a young man inside a tent and reappeared alone with a blooded sword. Guru Gobind Singh asked for another volunteer. This procedure was repeated on the another four men untill a total of five sikhs had gone into the tent with the Guru.history and celebration of baisakhi festival in indiaEveryone shocked and thought that Guru Gobind Singh ji has killed 5 sikhs. At that moment,Guru presented all the five men in front of people, everyone was surprised to see all that five men was alive and wearing turbons and saffron-colour garments ……

To be continued…..

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