Story of Baisakhi festival- 2nd part

Story of Baisakhi festival- 2nd part

Hi friends , in the previous blog you know about the story of Baisakhi festival but this story was the half part about  Baisakhi festival….

And here, I am going to telling you incomplete part of Baisakhi festival story.

The rest half story of Baisakhi festival :

These five men( who came out of tent wearing turbons and saffron-colour garments)were called “Panj Piara” or “Beloved Five” by the Guru . Guru Gobind Singh ji blessed them with a Pahul ceremony. The water was now consider​ed the sacred nectar of immortality called ‘Amrit’ .It was given to the five volunteers,then drank by the Guru and later distribute amongst the crowd . With this ceremony, all those present , irrespective of caste or Creed, become a member of the Khalsa Panth (the order of pure ones)

The Guru regarded the Panch Piaras as the first members of Khalsa and the embodiment of the Guru himself. With the Constitution of the Panch Piaras the high and low castes were amalgamated into one among the original Panj Piara, there was one Khatri(shopkeeper); one Jatt(Farmer); one Chhimba(calicoprinter); one Ghumar(water carrier) and one Lone Nai(barber).

On this day , Guru Gobind Singh gave the surname of Singh that means Lions to every sikhs and also Guru changed his sirname Rai to Singh…..That is from Guru Gobind Rai , he become Guru Gobind Singh.

The society  was divided on the basis of religion , caste , social status at that time and that step of Guru Gobind Singh ji was seen to be a great step in national integration because society was divided.

Guru Gobind Singh also bestowed on Khalsa the unique Sikh identity.

He gave a uniqueness​ to the members of Khalsa and he directed sikhs to wear five K’s :-

First is – kesh(long hair)

Second is – kanga(comb)

Third is – kripan(dagger)

Fourth is – kachha(shorts)

And the last one is – Kara(bracelet)

Guru Gobind Singh ji also discontinued the traditional of Gurus. w3

He asked all the sikhs to accept the Grantha sahib as their eternal guide . He urged all the sikhs to come to him with their hair and beard unshaved to get baptized but the sword .

This is the complete story of Baisakhi or vaisakhi festival. I hope you enjoy this story and now you know the whole story of Baisakhi festival .

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