Who I am?Are you want the answer of this question?

A question arise in every human that who am I  ?? And  why I belong to this world…… ???

Everybody want to know themselves . Every person, that exists in the world ,want to know that…..Who I am ?? Why I  belong to this world ?? Why I there??

Here , i am going to tell you about knowing yourself……..

WHO I AM? And why I belong to this world?……

  • I am a great person in my vision .
  • In this world,I am best and if not …… I am trying to give my best.

Who am I ?

If you have confidence in yourself then you definitely find the answer of this question . As, this small question tell you why are you there??? For what you are there???

First of all stand up and go in front of minor and tell yourinner voice who I am…….???And think ….. why I come to this world?  For what purpose ????

All these small and silly questions bring passion in your mind and you try and try again to find the answer of these questions .

Trust me all these questions when wandering in your mind…… these questions give pressure in your mind then you will able to prove yourself ……..

And to prove yourself who are you and why you belong to this world??? This is great for you dear.This is very difficult for you but again remember……this is not impossible for you sweatheart. Don’t give up while finding the answer of these questions.

Get up early in the morning and ask yourself who I am ?? when everyone scolded you for your mistake when everyone told you , you are useless….When everyone told you are a big burden in your life ….And then suddenly promiss yourself from now , I will prove myself that I am the best person in my life.

Again remember that promiss is just a promiss not a goal and your goal is to find yourself ……..To prove yourself……To become an example for other …… And once you prove all these things then you find peace then you find that you really done some thing different in this world ,you Feel peace in your mind ,then you feel proud on yoursel.

  1. And this is that moment when you will achieve your answer. opportunity.??
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